Small Business Remote-Work Crash Course

If you’re a small business used to having the amenities in your office working from home or in physical isolation from your customers can be difficult. Below are some of the tools we have used in the past to experiment with. Any feedback or suggestions are warmly appreciated.

  1. Email, online banking & Mobile Phones – Well duh, I’d recommend Outlook or BlueMail apps for email.
  2. Slack – For real-time team communication.
  3. G-Suite – For document collaboration.
  4. Square – For over the phone card payments (all you need is a web browser).
  5. Zoom or Skype – For video calls/meetings. Skype is free so gets the nod here but for detailed collaboration, Zoom paired with a PC/Ipad combination is a powerful tool.
  6. Basecamp or Microsoft Teams – For in-depth team/project team management.
  7. Anchor – Start your own podcast and make it entertaining as heck, please. We could all do with some levity.

There are offers on G-Suite and MS Teams at the moment to assist with businesses trying to work around COVID19 (although MS Teams did appear to initially struggle with the demand).

I’d love to hear your thoughts on other technology, particularly if its older, cheaper tech, that you find useful.

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