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Welcome to the first blog post of J J Taylor & Co Solicitors website. Starting from now, although more realistically after Christmas, J J Taylor & Co will be posting blog updates about useful information from the legal sphere, as well as from around the web.

I’m William Taylor, a solicitor at J J Taylor & Co, and I will be bringing you most blog posts. The purpose is to post interesting updates to legislation (it does get interesting sometimes, honest), what they mean on a practical note for people and businesses and other interesting, in my opinion anyway, tid-bits.

Speak to you soon.

Cue the disclaimer…

Nothing on this site should ever be considered to be legal advice or research but if you do wish to receive advice on any of the content discussed please contact us on 028 3752 5400 and we will be happy to help you. Please note that whilst we will aim to provide accurate information the world changes at a fast pace so always follow up with your solicitor to ensure you are fully up to date with same.


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