COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – 17th March 20

There is no doubt that coronavirus has had a huge effect on the world and will continue to do so. I wanted to take the time to assure you that we have contingencies in place that will allow us to continue to support our clients.

The situation is evolving constantly but we have the means to work remotely if necessary and our staff will remain reachable during regular hours. Conferencing options and digital signing are available and our telephone lines will remain open. Email will be unaffected.

For now, the office remains open but we would ask all non-essential consultations now be completed by telephone. Essential appointments for the signing of contracts, wills etc are welcome. You have the option to pay our bill by telephone or by bank transfer and we can share any necessary documentation by post or, preferably, email. These steps are designed to limit the risk to our staff and our clients.

Lastly, please look after yourself, your loved ones and your neighbours. I’ll leave you with a thought from Nassim Taleb in The Black Swan:

“I know history is going to be dominated by an improbable event, I just don’t know what that event will be.”

It seems we know that event now.

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